tom XXI / numer 1Isabella Pavelková, Katerina Kubíková, Assessing school performance and motivation

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DOI: 10.14656/PFP20160104


We verify the theoretical hypothesis that individual reference norm
helps the development of positive achievement motivation and lowers the performance
fear of pupils. The research was carried out with pupils aged 9 to 12
years. The article presents the results of the research in using reference norms with
61 teachers in connection with achievement motivation of their 1144 pupils. The
research also mapped the real school situations for the teachers involved, based
partly on observation during lessons and detailed records from the lessons, and
verified the possibilities and limitations of using the individual reference norm
for school assessment. Both parts of the research showed that using the individual
reference norm does not necessarily lead to the increase of achievement motivation
of pupils or lowering the pupils´ fear at school.
Key words: reference norms, achievement motivation, anxiety, hope of success,
fear of failure