tom XXI / numer 1Wacław Bąk, Pomiar stanu, cechy, ekspresji i kontroli złości. Polska adaptacja kwestionariusza STAXI-2

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DOI: 10.14656/PFP20160107


The paper presents the Polish adaptation of STAXI-2 – a 57-item questionnaire
designed to measure a wide array of anger-related phenomena. STAXI-2
consists of 10 subscales referring to different aspects of the state, trait, expression,
and control of anger. The psychometric properties of the Polish version of STAXI-2
were verified in four studies, conducted on a total sample of over 600 young adults
(90% students). The results of confirmatory factor analyses suggest that the original
structure of scales and subscales should be retained. The test-retest stability
confirms the reliability of all scales and subscales except two of three state anger
subscales. Similarly, internal consistency was high across all dimensions measured
by the questionnaire. The correlations of anger-related variables with anxiety, depression,
mood, and emotional self-efficacy confirm the convergent and discriminant
validity of STAXI-2 scales.
Key words: state anger, trait anger, anger expression, anger control, STAXI-2