tom XXI / numer 2Nina Ogińska-Bulik, Mariusz Cieślak, Temperament i kompetencje społeczne a osobowy wzrost u nastolatków, którzy doświadczyli krytycznych wydarzeń życiowych

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DOI: 10.14656/PFP20160201


The aim of the study was to determine the relationship between the
dimensions of temperament and social competences and the level of personal
growth in teenagers who have experienced critical life events. Among 110 adolescents,
aged 16-17 years, participated in the study, 86 (78.2%) admitted that have
experienced critical life event. This group consisted of 42 boys and 44 girls. Personal
Growth Questionnaire to assess positive changes after experienced critical
life event, Formal Characteristics of Behavior – Temperament Inventory and Social
Competences Questionnaire were used in the study. Results of the study indicated
significant – though weak – positive correlations of activity and briskness and
negative of emotional reactivity with the severity of personal growth. None of the
factors included in social competences proved to be significantly associated with
the occurrence of positive changes resulting from experienced critical event. Only
activity – one of the dimensions of temperament play predictive role for personal
growth. The mediation analysis does not confirm the indirect role of social competences
in the relation between temperament and personal growth. The results
suggest that genetically determined temperament plays more important role in
emergence of posttraumatic changes than, shaped over the life, social competences.
Key words: temperament, social competences, personal growth, adolescents, critical
life events