tom XXI / numer 2Dariusz Krok, Relacje duchowości i szczęścia w perspektywie mediacyjnej funkcji poczucia sensu życia

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DOI: 10.14656/PFP20160206


Spirituality and happiness have been a popular topic in positive psychology.
Yet, little is known which particular aspects of spirituality correlate with
cognitive and affective dimensions of subjective well-being. The aim of this study
was to examine whether meaning in life is a mediator in the associations between
spirituality and subjective well-being. 185 people (92 women and 93 men) completed
the Self-description Scale, the Personal Meaning Profile, the Satisfaction
with Life Scale, the PANAS-X Scale. Positive associations between spirituality and
subjective well-being were discovered. They mainly relate to those aspects of spirituality
which represent individual potential, but not religiousness. Results also
provided evidence for a different mediating role of meaning in life. Meaning in life
was a mediator between spirituality and satisfaction with life (cognitive dimension
of SWB), while it played a role of crossover suppressor in the associations between
spirituality and positive and negative mood (affective dimension of SWB).
Key words: spirituality, happiness, meaning in life, mediators