tom XXI / numer 2Kinga Kaleta, Justyna Mróz, Pomiar przebaczenia sytuacyjnego w świetle najważniejszych metod kwestionariuszowych

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DOI: 10.14656/PFP20160207


Empirically oriented psychologists have recently taken an interest
in forgiveness. Forgiveness tends to be positively associated with psychological
well-being, physical health, and desirable relationship outcomes. Researchers have
made much progress in measuring forgiveness for specific offenses and individual
differences in the disposition to forgive. They have developed many interesting
scales based on different conceptions of forgiveness and identified variables that
facilitate forgiveness. However, there is deficiency of research on forgiveness in
Polish psychological literature which results from the lack of tools. The article presents
the review of most popular questionnaires that are used in the world in research
on situational forgiveness. It also includes the results of research conducted
with the usage of them.
Key words: situational forgiveness, questionnaire, forgiveness scale