tom XXII / numer 1Anna Antonina Nogaj, Roman Ossowski, Cechy osobowości uczniów szkół muzycznych a poziom otrzymywanego wsparcia społecznego

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DOI: 10.14656/PFP20170105


Article focuses on issues related to the selected dimensions of the psychosocial
functioning of music school students. Directly concerns the relation between
personality traits of musically talented youth and perceived level of receiving
social support. The research presented in this article was conducted among students
of Polish music schools in different regions of the country. As part of this study
used authoring tool for (1) measuring social support for music school students, the
content of which specific questions adapted to the specific school of music and (2)
Paul Costa and Robert McCrae Personality Inventory NEO-FFI.
The results of the research allowed to indicate the strength of the association between
the level of personality traits of music school students and the types of social
support (emotional support, instrumental, informational and evaluative) received
from various social groups (parents, teacher of the main subject, other teachers, colleagues
from the music school, colleagues outside music school). In the dimension
of social support studies were innovative and in terms of personality traits allowed
polemics to previous studies carried out in the population of Polish students of
music schools and abroad research.
Key words: music school students, personality, social support.