tom XXII / numer 1Marzanna Farnicka, Juan Carlos Fernández, Jesús Martin Ramirez, Improvement of Mental Health and Cooperation Skills: Curriculum for Peacekeeping Personnel

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DOI: 10.14656/PFP20170109


Preparation for work in the field of peacebuilding should always
be undertaken from multiple perspectives, as actions and their consequences
are bound to bring about changes in many aspects, such as mental
health and competences of staff responsible for peacekeeping. The general
aim of the presented article is to underline the role of psychological skills
necessary for high level functioning of peacemakers and peacekeepers in
various countries. The presented program covers two fundamental training
areas: keeping good mental health and developing cooperation skills. The
main focus was placed on the way to identify barriers and challenges faced
by organizers of the process of preparing and building competencies in the
scope of conflict prevention, protection of own resources (health protection
area) and group resources (social capital area). An important aspect of raising
the competencies of staff engaged in building and maintaining peace
is the ability to control emotions and to counteract pathological reactions
connected with working under prolonged stress caused, for instance, by
changing one’s place of stay, encounters with strangers and hostile persons,
huge pressure and responsibility.
Key words: health protection, professional competences, coping with
stress, development of one’s own resources