tom XXII / numer 2Iwona Janicka, Wiesław Szymczak, Kwestionariusz Zaangażowania Interpersonalnego – polska adaptacja metody

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DOI: 10.14656/PFP20170202


The article presents the next stages of adaptation of the Commitment
Questionnaire by Stanley and Markman. This study examined the psychometric
characteristics of the Questionnaire in the research which covered 410 adults in marital
and cohabiting relationships. The study has shown that the Polish version of
the Questionnaire possesses good psychometric characteristics. The Interpersonal
Commitment Questionnaire can be used in scientific research. It includes 19 statements
from which 3 dimensions have been detached: the bond with the partner,
the importance of the relationship and concern for partner’s well-being.
Key words: interpersonal commitment, questionnaire, psychometric evaluation