tom XXII / numer 2Irena Pufal-Struzik, Aktywność zawodowa współczesnych kobiet – trudności w realizacji nowych ról i tradycyjnych obowiązków

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DOI: 10.14656/PFP20170204


The article reviews research on the manifestations and difficulties in professional
activity of modern women. It presents some differences in the fulfilment
of professional roles by men and women, from the perspective of women going beyond
the traditionally assigned roles of wives and mothers, and therefore also beyond
common stereotypical judgments about gender. The paper also identifies
a number of individual and social barriers to professional activity of women, being
self-employed (making business by entrepreneurial women) or involved in a professional
creative activity. Many of these barriers have their roots not only in the
biology of the brain and genes, but also appear due to the gender socialization and
different social experiences of girls and boys. They impede adult women’s self-fulfilment
in roles of: an employee, entrepreneurs, creative people, and the reconciliation
of these roles with family roles without experiencing fear, remorse, and
Key words: women, barriers in the implementation of gender roles