tom XXII / numer 2Paweł Błaszczyński, Self-Memory System Martina A. Conwaya: możliwości zastosowania modelu pamięci autobiograficznej do rozumienia zjawisk psychologii klinicznej

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DOI: 10.14656/PFP20170206


Martin A. Conway’s Self-Memory System model is a contemporary theoretical
proposal, treating memory as an active system of reality reception and
recording, playing important functions in the Self system. The model is being
broadly discussed, although there is significantly less publications treating it in
Polish literature. Conway’s Self-Memory System is a theoretically coherent model,
connecting neuroanatomical and cognitivist knowledge with identity and autobiographical
memory issues. In this article the author tries to show a sketch of the
model and signalize possible applications for some psychopathological subjects,
as persistent déjà vu, amnestic disorders, confabulations or Self memories in schizophrenia.
The main aim of the article is to encourage to detailed studying of the
model and trying to use it in clinical and research practice.
Key words: autobiographical memory, Self system, working Self, life story