tom XXII / numer 2Lidia Wiśniewska, Agata Celińska-Miszczuk, Perspektywa podmiotowa a problem nadwagi i otyłości – znaczenie współdziałania osoby i otoczenia w procesie odchudzania

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DOI: 10.14656/PFP20170208


Overweight, obesity and dieting have been the topics of many studies
carried out by different specialists, including psychologists. The sound and growing
knowledge of causes, consequences and possible ways of treatment of excessive
body weight does not protect people from becoming overweight or obese. The aim
of this paper is to analyse the process of dieting from an individual perspective taking
into account the role of cooperation between the person and the environment
for the effectiveness of dieting. The advocates of this perspective accentuate that
the actions of the person (individual) are taken in a specific, situational and individual
context; they also emphasize the role of individual engagement and motivation.
Analysing dieting one can notice that it is often narrowed down only to
changes in dietary habits (diet) and behavioural ones (undertaking physical activity),
while losing the individuality of the actions and the role of his or her mutual
relationship with the environment. Such attitude often does not lead to long-term
reduction of body weight. Adopting an individual perspective which takes account
of the role of cooperation between the person and the environment in the process
of dieting may complement the analyses found in the literature on the subject focused
on the role of the factors of psychological nature, thereby offering a broader
perspective on the issue of reduction of excessive body weight.
Key words: dieting, obesity, individual perspective, diet